Weight Loss Injections

Weight Loss Injections

Weight Loss Injections offered in Midwood, Brooklyn, NY

As you move forward in your weight loss program, multiple tools can help. Weight loss injections are an example and are among the options available at Transformed Medical Weight Loss Solutions in Midwood, Brooklyn, New York City. If you have questions about the role weight loss injections might play in your treatment plan, call or schedule a consultation online today. 

What are weight loss injections?

Weight loss injections are substances that support your body as you shed excess pounds. These substances are administered using a sterile needle and syringe. 

Because weight loss injections are delivered directly into your body’s tissues, they offer an advantage over oral supplements, which must work through your digestive system before your body can benefit. 

Weight loss injections let you and your practitioner know precisely how much medication or other substance enters your bloodstream. This facilitates customized treatment. 

It only takes a moment to have weight loss injections. There’s no need for any advance preparation and no downtime. Many people return to work or other activities immediately after their injections. 

How do lipotropic weight loss injections work?

Lipotropic weight loss injections offer the chance to supplement the vitamins and other nutrients you take in from food sources. The injections are highly customizable. 

Some of the vitamins and nutrients often included in lipotropic weight loss injections include:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B6
  • L-carnitine
  • Phentermine
  • Branched train amino acids
  • Methionine, inositol, choline (MIC)

Lipotropic injections are believed to help control appetite and assist in fat loss. They are never used as a stand-alone treatment but as part of a personalized weight loss program that includes nutritional counseling and learning how to incorporate more physical activity into daily routines. 

What is the process for beginning semaglutide weight loss injections?

Semaglutide is an injectable medication that changes how your pancreas releases insulin, improving the conversion of food into energy and regulating appetite. While a powerful tool in weight management, semaglutide isn’t the right fit for everyone. Transformed Medical Weight Loss Solutions offers compounded semaglutide injections from reputable compounding pharmacies. 

You’ll need a one-on-one consultation before beginning semaglutide injections. During this visit, be sure to let your practitioner know the details of your full health history, including any medications or supplements you take. Your practitioner will discuss which weight loss tools and techniques best fit your needs and goals. 

If you’re interested in exploring weight loss injections in more detail, call today to book a consultation. Online scheduling is also available, making it easy to connect with the office at any time of day.