About Transformed Medical Weight Loss Solutions


Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight can be challenging, but Midwood residents in Brooklyn, New York City, have an invaluable resource that can help. At Transformed Medical Weight Loss Solutions, a team of highly skilled professionals offers customized weight loss services that deliver impressive results. 

Surgical intervention can help you lose weight, but it comes with a risk of serious side effects. Surgery isn’t a good fit for everyone and can be cost-prohibitive for many. Transformed Medical Weight Loss Solutions offers a solution firmly rooted in the latest weight loss science that doesn’t require surgery. 

Known as a “liquid gastric bypass,” this approach is safe, effective, and backed by extensive research. It’s also a cost-effective path to a healthier lifestyle.   

The Transformed Medical Weight Loss Solutions approach uses a combination of nutritional counseling, weight loss injections, and medications, like semaglutide, to help patients move closer to a healthy weight. Advanced body scanning provides insight into body mass index (BMI), and a health assessment ensures treatment aligns with each individual’s current health needs. 

Once patients reach their goals, body contouring helps eliminate those last lingering fatty deposits. Feeling confident about one’s appearance is essential to self-esteem and helps keep patients motivated to sustain their results for a lifetime. 

For those tired of the endless cycle of dieting and subsequent weight gain, take action today to try a new approach. Call Transformed Medical Weight Loss Solutions to schedule a one-on-one visit, or use the online booking page to schedule an appointment. Telemedicine consultations are available.