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What happens when you combine a $300 million company, nearly three decades of product innovation, an all-new business model, the industry-leading compensation plan, and cutting-edge products in the largest consumer categories? The stability of nearly three decades in business and the opportunity of a ground floor startup.


The possibilities and opportunities are limitless. You decide. With drive and the skills to promote our brand and build teams, you will reap the rewards.

Our Compensation Plan and Business Model are revolutionary, rewarding Social Marketers and Customers together while sharing the Live Clean message.

The key is we start with Customers to make it as easy as possible for you to attract, retain and grow your business by creating the best experience and building relationships which develop the foundations for a new generation of Social Marketers.


You can make great money promoting our natural weight loss products even if you never build a team.

If you DO build a team, get ready to make serious money.

Follow a simple and easy 3 step process that creates massive action and duplication.
We teach people how to build a brand, generate leads, build an audience and utilize attraction and curiosity marketing to build online!
Sales and Recruitment pages are already built so all you have to do is add a customer or recruit to the group page. This not only saves you time, but also helps you hit the ground running.
The customer pages do ALL of the selling for you, showing before and after photos and testimonials.
The recruitment pages are full of info on products, compensation, leaders, training and more.

Best of all, re-orders provide residual income for you and a whole lot more!

Social Marketer Training Benefits

Access to private team Facebook groups with step by step videos & training done by some of the most sought after social media marketing trainers in the industry.

Support access to some of the top income earners in the company.

You and your team get access to a private training site that walks you through how to build your business to reach your goals fast.

Free social media training on how to attract new customers without having to leave your home or spend hours on the computer. 

You also get monthly contests and incentives where you can win extra cash and prizes.

Weekly training calls that help fool proof your business. 

Personal leadership access to help you with prospects, customers, & team mates.

Chance to win Vacation and Trip Incentives for you & your family.

Access to our personal social media posting vault so you know exactly what to post on social media to attract interested customers and team mates.

Weekly product training to learn about how to talk about the products plus you can invite your prospects to these info sessions to help us sell products.

We give people a business launch plan, built out for you.

Back Office where all of the reporting and commission tracking are taken care of for us.

Really cool prospecting & information smart phone mobile app. 

$14,395 Value as an added bonus for FREE
when you sign up as a social marketer with a package!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can You Make Money?

You can begin earning commission your 2nd week. (Ex: You enroll someone Wednesday you will be paid the weekly commission the next Friday)

How Much Money Can You Make?

Many members in the upline earn 6 and 7 figures. What you earn is dependent upon how fast and hard you work and build your own team. The fantastic thing about Modere's compensation is that you have two ways to build your income. Build through customer orders, team orders, and/or both!


10 - 36% on customer orders and reorders

Up to 36% daily commission Bronze and above

up to $200 free product credit/mo.


10% BONUS OF SM 1ST ORDER (Ex. If they order 100 pts, you get $10)

3 - 15% commission on all new social marketer 1st orders in new legs

up to 38% commission on all new personally enrolled social marketer 1st orders

Once a SC, Earn 4% - 7% on 8 generations of social marketer and customer purchases

PROMOTER DEVELOPMENT BONUS -  Earn $10 - $300 a mo. commission on pods in your team

Is This My Own Business?


Can Anyone Do This?

Yes! If you can copy and paste text into a facebook post, post pictures, and tag people in posts and groups, then you can be a social marketer.

Does It Cost Anything to Be a Social Marketer for Modere?

Yes. There is an annual social marketer sign up fee of $39.99.
Since you must "be a product of the product" to be qualified to earn commission each month, you are required to have150 active customer points
OR put your order on "smart ship" for at least 75 smart ship points.

Why Should I Join Your Social Marketing Team?

To earn extra money as a side gig in addition to working a 9-5 job

To  eventually replace your 9-5 job income and become your own boss

To work from home and spend more quality time with your family

To help others change their lives by achieving their weight loss goals

You are tired of working hard for someone else day in and day out with little income to show for your efforts

Residual income


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